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Graves ft. BBNO$ “Meta” Video Dropped Yesterday and here's the Story Behind it

“The song is crazy, so the video has to be crazy.” BBNO$ just dropped his first music video upon return from an Ayo! organised Music Festival, Shanghai. Baby no mulla says “originally when I made the song, Graves said it was life changing... so we just rolled with it.” The opportunity for the shoot came through Graves manager who flew out videographer, Josh (@Zelda.june), to film the ultimate Vancouver video montage. As a novice to the city, BBNO$ took charge of scouting iconic locales which feature heavy in the footage. Examples include Playland, Grouse Mountain and Chinatown to name a few.

“I also wanted to get all my homies from Vancouver in the video like So Loki and my parents.”

So whats next?

“This was my first real video and I really liked it so I'll definitely be making more over the next few months, 6 to be exact.” So keep an eye out. Next week BBNO$ and Yung Gravy are dropping their new EP, Baby Gravy. “We will be dropping 3 more songs on his Spotify, then go travel and fuck around in Jamaica for a bit.”

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