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RENDRD Radar: Teon Gibbs Drops Wavey Visuals to Spanish Banks Single

Teon Gibbs is a rapper causing a stir in the 604. The BC local spent 2017 crafting a decent following and refining his sound, not to say his previous releases didn't slap but there is a clearer picture as to what lane this rising talent wants to steer in. With an album currently in the works, trips back and forth to Canada's rap Mecca and a stedfast, loyal fanbase - Gibbs looks poised to take the door off the hinges and put it in the hands of those f**kboiz.

His latest offering comes in the form of a melodic trap ballad produced by Pilgrim. A clear mastery of flow and cadence demonstrates the work Gibbs has put in over his musical tenure; commenting "2017 we built, 2018 we deliver" on a recent IG post. KB Kutz worked behind the lens to direct an orgy of kaleidoscopic colours which do well to translate the tales of hedonism wrapped in the lyrics and adlibs thrown in by Quarterback.

Check out the visuals above and be sure to keep up to date with TG's offerings on Spotify.

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