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RENDRD Radar: Jade Statues Cuts Deep with My Blade

Following up his phenomenal debut Executive Towers, Vancouver producer Jade Statues has released his new EP, My Blade, in late 2017. My Blade maintains the breezy atmosphere and byzantine production of Executive Towers, but it compliments these attributes with hard-hitting, wacked-out grooves that I haven’t heard from Jade Statues before.

The project kicks off with the track ‘Invocation,’ a primer on Jade Statue’s recognizably vapor beatmaking. Fluttering chimes, horns, and rippling water take turns at center stage. Immediately after, Statues auditions for FlyLo’s Brainfeeder label with the track ‘Machine Birth.’ Really interesting drum patterns here – the wicked percussion has him outside of his usual sound but still well within his comfort zone.

The rest of the EP is exactly why I keep returning to Jade Statues’ music. The final three tracks are more traditional, but I’m always hard pressed to find vaporwave with the character and urgency of Jade Statues. I love the chirping and snaps on ‘Crystal Clearing’, the idiosyncratic grooves and whistles on ‘Capture’, and the zoned-out, dark undertones of ‘Surrounding’.

My only complaint would be that there isn’t more, but I won’t complain about a great, punchy EP. Another outstanding Jade Statues release. Where’s the album?

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