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Happy Birthday fvde

We’ve been tracking the rise of fvde since early last year and we’re excited to announce the release of his sophomore self-titled project. Timed with his birthday, the tape comes as a 13 track testament to the producer's growth.

Spritely synths, sounds of nature and melodic chimes dance above low fidelity drum samples bringing an air of nostalgia. The track order takes you through a narrative of wonderment comparable to pioneers of ambient such as Bonobo and Moby. Most impressive of all is the maturity of his sounds, reflecting a thorough understanding of musical theory.

Image courtesy of Nevin Louie

A healthy sprinkling of rising YVR talent appear across the project. Yurmsauce & Howl open the gates on Trendy AF with flows simultaneously riding and cutting through the punchy kicks. Bains’ follow up is a bouncy belter on JankyJuice! & Giorgi Holiday closes out the project with a beautiful serenade on Amanda, carrying you into a state of blissful joy.

Evolving his sound over the past couple of years, the 18 year old’s fingerprint is becoming more distinct as he matures as an artist. Somewhere between ambient, downtempo and wave sits the sounds of fvde (fvdewave? The jury’s still out but I ship it).

At a time where falsified engagement is rife with algorithmic changes catching out cats who’ve bought their followings, likes and views – stop by fvde’s socials to see the kind of honest love & support you get from spreading positivity & being a genuinely good person supporting others in the starving artist community.

Stay up to date with fvde on IG/SC/FB/Twitter.

Words by Darc Jacobs: 24/M/YVR - likes to take strolls amongst the blossoms & bump fvde.

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