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Style with TroyBoi

TroyBoi is fast becoming one of our favourite artists in the circuit right now. Armed with a plethora of bangers, an effortless cool and a winning smile, it’s no wonder the producing powerhouse has grown a global army of loyal fans. His trust in the people that put him where he is especially evident at his shows, where you’re likely to find him raging and rapping in the mosh pits. We caught up with him at Leeds Festival to find out a bit more about his personal style

On style

“Honestly I go for comfort most times. Anytime you see me, I’ll be in super drop-crotch stuff, like these shorts. Especially during performance, I don’t like anything that restricts me because I like to run around and jump around a lot…” he catches himself mid flow “interact”.

It’s this interaction that’s a signature part of a Troyboi set, “if I want to jump into a crowd and I’m wearing skinny jeans, its’ not gonna work,” laughter follows. There’s just a general air of chill around the London native, it’s this personality that is translated in his aesthetic.

On accessories

“I like rings as you can see, I always wear a chain…” and once more with feeling “ALWAYS wear earrings. If I leave the house without earrings, I feel naked… it’s weird. Nothing extravagant, just little things.”

On sneakers

“I like my sneakers, the trainers I’ve been rinsing the most are my Y-3s and they’re the most comfortable trainers ever. I wore them at Shambhala and now they’re filthy. I look at them now like a trophy, completely covered in muck and haven’t had the time to clean them.”

“A last comment on how the iconic bunny rabbit ended up on the shirt you’re wearing, I’ve noticed you repping the logo a couple times”

“They’re the homies from LA, I love their stuff. Joyrich, check them out."

Visuals by Omer Sharif

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