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Vancouver Island's floating fortress

Off the coast of Vancouver Island, a curious and colorful complex floats amidst the calm waters of Clayoquot Sound. Over the last 24 years, ‘Freedom Cove’ has been the home of Canadian artists Catherine King and Wayne Adams, who have built a multi-room dwelling as a sustainable and self-sufficient fortress.

Video Network Great Big Story has recently documented the lives of king and adams at their floating paradise. a lengthy 45-minute boat ride to the nearest town, ‘Freedom Cove’ is tethered to shore with ropes, not anchors, making the entire habitat a buoyant and dynamic space. Included in the complex is king and Adam’s main living space, a dance floor, a lighthouse building and four green houses, where the couple grow their own fresh fruits and vegetables for daily consumption. a full kitchen, bedroom and multiple semi-outdoor spaces are connected by narrow wooden pathways, ladders and colorful staircases. Inside, king sometimes fishes through a glass door built into the floor, where he drops down a line and hook for dinner in a dash.

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