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Candid conversations with Jaden and Willow Smith

When the world that surrounds you insists on labelling you as the future, it's far too easy to get caught up in self-indulgent practices that can lead even the most defined characters down the road of irrelevancy. Luckily, for Willow and Jaden Smith, that couldn't be further from reality.

In an interview, the two sat down with Pharrell Williams and gave us an overdue insight into the otherwise private musings of the Prince and Princess of Calabasas. What came to be is a bright beacon of hope for humanity in the age of insta-fame and fickleness. The back and forth between Jaden, Willow and Pharrell traverses topics ranging from their parents and upbringing to their relationship with social media and elevating the conscience of the youth.

Steven Klein captures the iconic pair in what is a masterclass of modern monochrome from the likes of Rick Owens, Hood By Air and Juun.J. The pair appear as single entities in the editorial, lending support to their unilateral view on real world topics, their shared upbringing and values. Cathartic facial expressions exploding in one shot, then the next shows the pair void of emotion whilst a plume of smoke billows in the distance. Taking a photo with your sibling has never looked this cool.

Styling was provided by the talented Karl Templer and the visuals accompanied the piece for the September issue of Interview magazine.

Check out the full interview and gallery here.

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