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Music and Masquerade: So Loki

Visuals by Skimchi

Meet So Loki, the experimental duo based out of Vancouver that are bending every boundary conceivable with their eclectic sound, stunning visuals and nuanced approach. The start of September saw the launch of their hyper-exclusive physical album "V" which managed to sell out in 26 hours and even caught a co-sign from everyone's favourite gelatine based candy manufacturer.

So Loki manage to take the two mainstream genres of rap and electronic sounds and create an utterly unique hybrid that directly boosts your dopamine*. The duo, comprising of Sam Lucia and Geoffrey Millar, have been on our radar way before RENDRD was even a faint thought and it’s been a story of nothing but growth.

If you’re needing to get up to speed with these mavericks have a listen to their Supermanic mixtape, released under OWAKE Records.

This past Friday they held an exclusive pop-up album listening party that we were privy to. A private invitation list of only 45 people, all noir attire and minimal masquerade masks distributed at the door. So Loki by name, so low key by nature.

OWAKE Records initiated proceedings with the debut of Chelsea Grimm’s EP “Busshead”, which can be described as a strong introduction of new wave sounds fused with perfectly mastered tones. A definite name to keep an eye on for the months to come. Grimm's evocative debut set the tone for the rest of the evening.

Two singles have been released from the album; Birthday and Wild Kids. One listen to the former and it's obvious why it was the first single from "V". The tracks simplicity and overall catchiness paired with the distinctive So Loki sound that came into bloom in Supermanic makes it a real crowd pleaser.

The group gives a raw cutting edge towards hip-hop; from the mix of heavy, enigmatic trap noises produced by Geoffrey, laced with Sam's smooth flow, these sounds occupy the furthest reaches of the genre.

“It’s weird and outside the box and we are trying to make the box only bigger”

- Sam Lucia

Midway through the evening Sam, ever insightful, calls for a hiatus to preach out to the guests - lots of artists “get creative but will never know how to finish” - that night we witnessed creatively curated masterclass on a whole new level.

The creative revolution continues and independent artists are spearheading the way.

*Science based on observations, we’ve sent off a biopsy of their new album to the lab and are waiting for the results.

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