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Vancouver Based Streetwear Brand Looks to Set the Bar for Local Designers

In a city so full of opportunity, there is an undeniable absence of colour throughout Vancouver's young, urban-fashion visionaries. Bradin Cummings, the architect behind recently launched streetwear label "BRDN Worldwide", aims to inspire others through his work and set the bar for local designers through one thing—timeless, expressive pieces.


What is the label about?

Originally I started the company just out of the love for creating; as an outlet to showcase my ideas. However as the company has grown (and as I've grown with it), I've realized that I have a greater responsibility than just making visually pleasing pieces. I recognize that I have some influence over my peers, so it's a great platform to communicate with the kids and put out a positive message—get them off the couch and make them feel like they can reach their ultimate dreams.


What's the ultimate vision and where do you plan on taking this?

Honestly, I'm just taking things day by day—I don't want to get ahead of myself. As the company grows, It's paramount that I continue to stay true to myself and make sure that every piece not only has meaning to me personally, but also for them to be universal.

I'm here to create art about my life, that others can take to help them out in their own. Ultimately if everything works out, I hope to open stores globally so I can spread my message worldwide.


BRDN Worldwide is set to install their first "Infamous Pop Up Shop" on September 30 at Highstreet Shopping Centre. If you're in town, the shop will be open from 6-9pm, where two new capsule collections will be debuted and available for purchase.

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