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Local Latenight Craft with Nocturnal Workshop

Come the summer, swathes of Vancouverites transform into pedal pushers. But with biking comes the risk of injury... After a friend's life was put in harms way when a car struck them as they were cycling one evening, Tyler Froese and Zach Dabrowski looked to combine their craft to summon a change in their community.

Nocturnal Workshop was born out of a desire to dispel further tragedy and to make a difference to the metropolitan landscape. Out of a studio situated on the periphery of the Downtown Eastside, the Nocturnal team marry luxe feel with technical fabrics in order to create backpacks for the contemporary commuter. Their signature 3M usage is what keep bags illuminated when met with headlights, or any light source for that matter.

Each backpack silhouette has been painstakingly worked and reworked with the modern city dweller in mind, from the quick access side zipper on the Rolltop backpack to the compartmentalised laptop pocket found across all backpack models. What's more, everything is made locally in Vancouver so you're truly supporting your friendly neighbourhood craftsman when you join the NW family.

Check out some more visuals from their recent lookbook below and browse their range here (pro tip: sign up to their newsletter for discounts on all products).

Visuals by Jeremy Jude Lee

Models; Omer & Olivia

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