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Conscious Consumerism with Noctex

Noctex perfectly sums up their ethos as an independent boutique brand that emphasises"form, utility and ethical design". Hailing from our very own Vancouver, BC, and established in 2011, the brand has grown to become a leading innovator amongst the independent designers of the city. Year on out, the collections have matured to reflect more and more the idiosyncrasy of their impressively young designer; Negin Izad.

Izad comments, "When I first started Noctex, it was mostly about using the resources I had." This is a consistent theme that has developed into a wholly ethical practice of utilising deadstock materials sourced twice a year from the USA. Promoting the smear of gender norms, Noctex invites it's customers to shop any design they feel comfortable in. This is a brand that embodies the post generation Y zeitgeist.

"I have only started making clothing closer to my style influences as of Fall 2013." For the seasonal debut, the collection was centered around the notion of packing for a last minute trip. Inspired by a combination of frugality and innovative design, the entire collection was 3 pieces that could be combined to create 15 distinctive looks. The collection challenges the status quo of the fast-fashion environment that a lot of the industry revolves around. It also challenges the consumer to reassess their own needs when it comes to building their wardrobe up. With every new collection, each piece is shown worn in a multitude of ways, making sure that as a buyer you are informed on some of the possible ways you can rock your latest pick up.

Keeping true to their identity, the brand has built a loyal following across the globe and has gone from strength to strength. Fresh from their collection featured during the Cortex pop-up event last month, a few new designs have found their way onto their webstore.

Here are a select few pieces that has our office buzzing but be sure to check out what else is on offer here.

Quotes sourced from an interview by Hollywood Noir Makeup

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