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SKIO Music, Autograf and RENDRD Team Up to Bring Vancouver's Artist Community Together

Back in November, we had the honor to co-host an event like no other in Vancouver. SKIO Music’s HQ opened its doors to the collaborative and creative community for a special night with our friends Autograf. During this panel, fans and artists alike connected with the artists and received extensive feedback on their artistic direction as well as production tips. The big takeaway from this night is that Vancouver is more than ready to blossom a creative hub. We look forward to working with SKIO Music and Trace Water to bring the creative community together. Check out SKIO's blog post here.

We received a great amount of quality work during our meet and greet and ticket giveaway. Thank you to everyone who submitted their art, of all shapes and sizes, to our Autograf fan art, from which 3 winners were drawn. Check out the the winners and their prize-winning art below.

1st Place - Unkle Ricky - Autograf - Heartbeat (Unkle Ricky Remix)

Based in Vancouver, Unkle Ricky is one of the top artists in SKIO's Rising Tier. A talented up-and-comer with lots of new music on the go, his remix of Autograf’s “Hearbeat” earned him 1st place in our contest. Ricky collaborates several local artists and has a large knowledge base for production that he shares with his collaborators.

From Ricky:

“After hearing a bunch of Autograf's music they are now one of my favorite artists, so I decided to do a remix. The visual artwork was done by my homie Kurtis Yokich- Instagram @kyokill”

2nd Place - Sarah Judge/Design Judge - Music Mountain

Sarah is a talented local digital & collage artist. Her art submission, Music Mountain, incorporates old-school vinyl players and speakers into a mountainscape. She also creates artwork with old 70's playboy mags. You may also find her work for sale in local galleries and the Vancouver flea market.

From Sarah:

“Music Mountain was created in awe of the music and sounds inspired by nature and feeling humbled when you are faced with something so much bigger than you are.”

3rd Place - Emily Barton - Melodic Abstraction

Emily is a Vancouver-based visual artist. Her submission, titled “Melodic Abstraction”, is an acrylic canvas painting.

From Emily:

“While listening to Autograf’s music, I thought about what their own goals might be towards creating music and implementing a visual art aspect to their music. As an artist, I make art to not only express myself, but I make it in hopes to inspire and emotionally or mentally “move” people. Artists who make music however, can physically move people as well. The type of music Autograf has made makes me want to get up and dance! For the base of this 16” x 1’ acrylic painting on canvas, I painted a figure with several layers and positions of arms. To capture the different arm movements, I filmed myself dancing to Autograf’s music. I paused the video at various points to draw the arms. Then I painted all the arms in many “pop” colours inspired by the pop art soup cans Autograf once made [...]. Thank you for inspiring people like me and motivating us to continue to make art, no matter what form it may be.”

Photos by Tage Stenner:

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