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RENDRD Radar: Getting to Know Vancouver Producer Shaunic

As I pulled up to the middle of East Hastings… I was immediately harassed to move my car because ladies were “shootin’ up” on the sidewalk.

I only decided to leave it there because I saw a friendly face poke out from behind a steel door just a few hobos down.

It was Shaunic.

He led me up a few flights of stairs, which quickly eased my questioning mind as we continued higher (mainly because beautiful murals cover the walls). We entered few studios and passed through a couple high intensity alarm systems and at last we came upon the Chapel Sound studio.

Turns out this place is a sound geek’s dream, it even included a mini fireplace, which I have to say was a nice touch in the beginning of February, especially with Chapel livesteaming from VAL in the background.

After explaining the real purpose of sound proofing a studio, he began to update me on what he’s been up to. “Working a lot with Stan (his roommate @futoniousdonIII) and other artists like bbno$ live in the studio. Feeling like a real producer lately, not just a computer geek”.

Shaun says since he’s been working with live sounds and music, he’s getting better at communicating his visions with people, which in fact, I envy.

He started out by messing around on his cousin’s single turntable, started scratching in his B-boy days. Then while he was working at Wings Tap & Grill, one of his coworkers said he was selling his tables with some house records. Shaun said “fuck it, I bought them and I immediately quit the restaurant job.”

He went to high school in Surrey just to dance and battle with other crews in the area.

He says his breakdancing days are over, until you get a few drinks in him (but aren't all of ours?). He then went to audio engineering school at PAVI (Pacific Audio Visual Institute) here in Vancouver to keep it in the city where he was born and raised.

Recounting the story of how he got his name, Shaunic; “Sonic the hedgehog started out at raves… real raves… the ones that start at midnight and go till noon the next day. I dyed my hair blue and slicked it back. It ended up being so recognizable that some girl told me I look like sonic the hedgehog so that’s when Shaunic came about and now even my family calls me Shaunic.” This shocked me only because I haven’t seen any photo evidence but don’t worry... I asked for the gold; hopefully one nugget will be his next EP cover.

What’s gotten you into the music scene here?

“Well…me and falcons were roommates and we were into this weird LA beats scene. When we tried to do shows, people didn’t get it and they were just like “what is this weird space music?” Cherchez La Femme, who started happy ending Fridays, was our only supporter and ran nights at Waldorf. She let us do nights there until it caught on and then we were IN it. There from the beginning.”

Upcoming shows?

“Hopefully Wild Buffalo in Bellingham pretty soon. I’ve been working on rap music and that place gets rowdy as fuck.”

nowill and Chanel VinerShaun showed me this new track he’s been working on with. And I’ve gotta say… her voice layered over Shaunic’s/nowill’s sounds will give you the chills, I guarantee. You know its gonna be good when they laid it down in one session… I’m just itching for it to come out of the vault.

We can expect a lot more work coming from Shaunic and Chanel Viner x crew.

Also keep an eye for the exclusive: Shaunic x Futon Don x bbno$

Shaunics music is the kind that makes you really bob your head. With Beyoncé mixed with deep bass… you cant help it. I promise.

We ended the evening talking about signing titties and listening to new songs in the works. What else is better than that?

KEEP AN EYE for Shaunics mix coming out for RENDRD.

Special shout outs to TAILS, JUELZ, Alexander Lewis, Ekali, CRYSTALS, FVDE, falcons, 9th wonder, VAL, Nick Wisdom, Lane, Earl Mendez, cut corners, Eli Muro, signing titties, Oakk, Chapel Sound+ friends, VAL, jonah yano, I hate Mondays

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