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So Loki Are Not Slowing Down - New EP "Baggage" [STREAM + VISUALS]

Artwork: Steve Kim // Chrome Destroyer

It looks like the work horses over at Owake Records don’t know the meaning of a vacation – "Baggage" dropped this Friday.

The album marks a slight departure from the rogue experimental overtures of ‘V’ and carries a few hits to rival some radio staples with "Boo Boo" and "Baby’s Back". Likewise, "Liquid Luck" was the first visual release through their recent VEVO partnership, which amassed +100,000 views on YouTube in one week. All this points to one thing, So Loki are on the up. The album comes drenched in metaphors and local references that’ll prick up the ears of any Vancouverite.

"Golden" was the second single to receive the visual treatment by none-other than Drake Pickel (aka Chrome Destroyer), who was also behind the VFX in "Liquid Luck".

His use of trending internet aesthetics such as Vaporwave, Neopunk and Vintage Metal combined with So Loki's experimental sound make for a memorable song worth keeping on repeat for a few hours (guilty). It's no news that Vancouver and the rest of the Pacific Northwest is undergoing a new artistic movement, and this duo is responsible for a maverick of waves.

You can stream "Baggage" from So Loki's Youtube playlist below!

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