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Calgary Producer Silkq Gives Us Goosebumps with New Single "Solitude" [PREMIERE]

Here at RENDRD we love discovering new sounds as well as seeing artists create their own sound and feeling. Music in itself is a medium for self-expression, and someone who's remarkably good at this is Calgary producer Harrison Neef, better known as Silkq. The music is heavily influenced by mood and emotion.

"'Solitude' came organically while I was finding a place within others and myself for safety. This song is about breaking down walls between people and building organic, long lasting relationships. I wanted to capture that feeling in a way that was honest, but also fun, and liberating musically."

Silkq's music is an accurate representation of his name. His laid back and shimmery instrumentation is contrasted by his appreciation for abrasive percussion. His sound is a collective range of his many musical influences ranging from metal, to RnB.

Hailing from Calgary Alberta, Silkq spent a few years on the Pacific Northwest developing his sound. His goal is to feel the music rather than just hear it. He continues to evolve his sonic aspect, while never straying from the passion engrained into his music"

Sikq will be releasing an album next week, we can't wait to get our hands on this and bring you more exclusive sounds from the PNW.

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