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OH (shit) CANADA

Did you forget to plan something this Canada day? Were you too busy (let’s face it, lazy) to think ahead for the 150th anniversary of Canada being Canada? ….Or do you just not have enough friends to get invited to a Cool Canadian™ party? Lucky for you, we have some last minute ideas to celebrate the big ONE FIDDY, where you can proudly don all your maple leaf temporary tattoos. 1. Canada Day Celebrations at Canada Place

How fitting to celebrate Canada Day at Vancouver’s very own CANADA Place. Crack open a cold one with the boys at this (free) all-day event, featuring performances by Sam Roberts, Dragonette, FIONN, + more. There will be tons of food vendors, and word has it, Jackie Chan will even be making a guest appearance. If that isn’t somehow enough, there will also be a fireworks show at 10:30, but get there early or be prepared to have one shitty view. Check out the full event schedule here.

Don’t feel like being mauled by a stampede of firework viewers? No problem. Check out acts like Cyril Hahn, Walter TV, Mat the Alien, + more at the Good Company Canada Day Block Party. Hosted at the Waldorf Hotel’s parkade on East Hastings from noon till late, this is sure to be a wild time.

If you’re not like those mainstream Vancouverites and want something a little more ~underground~ come support some of Vancouver’s best talent at Red, White & Bass at the Beaumont Studios- sound, movement, and BASS. Cheap drinks AND you won’t have to go home at 1am like the rest of the city since it ends at 3:30! Check out the event page here.

At least you know the music will be dope and the crowd will be chill at Fortune’s Sup Fu? Saturdays, but this time with a lil extra Canadian flare.

We have a lot to be patriotic for, and even though the Raptors couldn’t defeat the Cavs, and we ~somehow~ haven’t won a Stanley Cup since ’93, we can be proud knowing the rest of the world at least thinks we’re POLITE and have a cute Prime Minister. From JBeibz to Drake, Ryan Gosling to everyone’s fave, Nickleback- we have some pretty MAD tingz poppin’ out here. If you really REP the tru north, grab your maple sizzurp, Tim Horton’s, and universal health care, and head out tonight to celebrate our great country’s birthday.

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