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Vancouver's Missy D. and Kimmortal Release Visuals for New Single 'XX' [VIDEO]

Author's Note: This video is currently up in Storyhive's Top Award for Best Video. Help and empower all to be themselves! Please vote for the next 48hrs here

I still remember attending almost all UBC's Block Parties and Welcome Back BBQ's and seeing Missy D kill it every single time on stage. Fast-forward a few years later and now she's making wave sin the Vancouver rap scene along with Kimmortal. Missy D is a bilingual female emcee born and raised around the Motherland. She is blend of your mother's favorite groovy tunes and your family rap jams, some call it "Rap & Soul". Discovering her talent at the tender age of 11 Missy D started rapping her first melodies in French. She released her debut album “When Music Hits You Feel No Pain” in July 2016 with her debut single "Too Many Feelings" available on all muaic platforms. A year later , Missy D was one of the recipients of 2017 StoryHive Music Edition for her brand new single " XX" off the album. Produced by David Tallarico , XX features the amazing Kimmortal.

Kimmortal is a queer artist of Filipina descent living on the unceded ancestral territories of the coast Salish people. Her passion is in the intersection of art and healing/resistance/cultural reclamation. She loves coffee, deep conversations and jibberish. For the past month with the help of talented co-directors Alexander Farah & Lawrence Le Lam, they have created visuals to her dream and hoping to sharing it with you! RENDRD asked both artists what this single meant to them:

Kimmortal: XX means resisting against systems of oppression that tell some bodies that they matter more than others: Women, queer and trans people, black lives, indigenous lives- people who sit at the intersection of all these facets who have been and continue to be effected by histories of violence in the name of colonialism and white supremacy...yet we are still here and inventing new ways to thrive and shine! This is what XX means to me, the beauty of resistance. Missy D: XX started as this song I wanted to write for myself to hype myself up whenever I walk into a cypher or room as a minority. I wanted to be fierce, raw, strong, loud and proud. Over time, I realized that this song was not just for me but for others. XX went beyond the boxed concepts, I wanted to give a new meaning for those who feel out of box, minorities in their field and rebels of life!

It has been brought to my attention the limitations of the XX term, but I want to let all listeners and viewers know that this song is for all people and most of all womxn . I hope that this video will allow viewers and listeners to share their story. X is xtra, X is X out, X is unknown, X is beyond. XX is what you want to rep!

Everyone has a story , rep the XX is all about repping yours!!

For more check out Missy D on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

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