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14 Vancouver ‘Would You Rathers’

1.Would you rather be banned from the Roxy, or banished to the Roxy?

2. Would you rather be a white male, or a white Subaru Forester?

3. Would you rather have weed legalized, or buy a dime bag from Justin Trudeau illegally just once?

4. Would you rather do yoga with a ‘yogi’, eat food with a ‘foodie’, or get a drink with a ‘mixologist’?

5. Would you rather have sex with both of the Sedin twins, or become the first Sedin triplet?

6. Would you rather have the most vintage flannel in Kitsilano, or the tenth most vintage yacht in Coal Harbor?

7. Would you rather walk home from Surrey once, or be locked in your $900 basement suite for an entire month?

8. Would you rather go ice skating at Robson Square, or be sealed into the ice itself?

9. Would you rather do 300 kph on the Lionsgate Bridge, or go 60 kph in the backseat of a cop car?

10. Would you rather look for a place to rent in Vancouver, or give up and live in the Manatee tank at the Vancouver Aquarium?

11. Would you rather start every sentence with “Oh, honey…”, or marry someone who does the same?

12. Would you rather do the Grouse Grind, or just lie about it in your Tinder bio?

13. Would you rather eat at the most expensive sushi place in Vancouver, or eat at the least expensive strip club in Vancouver?

14. Would you rather move to the back of the 99, or be thrown into the sun?

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