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21 Things Disney Hasn't Bought Yet

1. Sony.

2. Nintendo.

3. Apple.

4. The Phantom Menace on VHS.

5. Amazon.

6. An idea for Marvel vs Disney fighting games.

7. A politician.

8. The rights to reanimate Michael Jackson’s corpse for a worldwide tour with Mariah Carey.

9. Fake tits.

10. The Golden State Warriors.

11. A script for the inevitable League of Extraordinary Gentlemen remake but with Wolverine leading, and a supporting cast of Homer Simpson, Mickey Mouse, Chewbacca, Deadpool, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Tupac, and Vanessa Hudgens.

12. Someone’s freedom.

13. A small nation.

14. RedTube.

15. Avocado toast.

16. The uterus of a surrogate Disney child-bearer.

17. An eighth of weed.

18. A social media bundle.

19. Your script.

20. Twenty billion McDoubles.

21. McDonald’s.

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