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Adidas's Long-Awaited 3D Printed Shoe Drops This Week [PHOTOS]

Back in April Adidas announced their partnership with Carbon and its Digital Light Synthesis technology. After months of speculation, the Futurecraft 4D with the 3D-printed sole are getting a limited-edition release in the US. A few batches will be available for purchase for $300 - hefty tag? Here's why:

“In every technology, at the beginning, you have a certain price tag. For us, this will be a premium level offer. But, we are working very hard to bring it further and further down in cost and increase our volume, as well as the availability of the product.”

Gerd Manz, Adidas Vice President of Technology Innovation

Anyone in the tech space knows that 3D printers are bound to get cheaper, better filaments and more accessible to the public. For many, this technology may still seem like witchcraft, but here's how it works:

"In order to actually make the Futurecraft 4D, Carbon and Adidas projected UV light into a pool of resin, which immediately hardened, creating various shapes and designs. Think of it as the next step beyond 3D printing. DLS allows Adidas to customize every aspect of the shoe. Ultimately, the company believes, using DLS will allow the average customer to simply send in his or her stats and measurements and have the perfect shoe built and delivered on demand."

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