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So Loki drop Athlete's World and Shop With Sway [VIDEO PREVIEW]

They said there was going to be more, and So Loki delivered. The creative juggernauts of Vancouver have released their latest single Athlete's World with a co-sign from the none other than Sway himself. Naturally, it slaps.

The sharpness of the beat, full-bodied low end and coupled with a catchy hook that peppers the entire single, you'll be left with a soundtrack for the rest of your day. Stream the project on Spotify/SC/Apple.

Baby boy & Babi boi keep putting in the work. There's an Athlete's World Tour in the pipeline too plus a plethora of festival appearances coming up including the very soon Snowbombing.

We're in for a little treat this weekend seeing the temperature hit the mid-teens, so do yourself a favour and crank this joint as you soak up these rays and prepare yourself for So Loki's SS18 takeover. Keep your eyes peeled for the video release dropping March 14th.

Words by Darc Jacobs

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