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Giorgi Holiday Wants Us to F--k it Up 1time [PREMIERE]

Giorgi Holiday is Vancouver's Neo-Soul renaissance and 1time is the beginning of that movement. Inflections of Lauryn Hill and Destiny's Child crop up throughout her sound which is telling of the Canado-Moroccan's childhood. Working with producer Moxsa, the pair have a previous release under their belt; Peaches.

We're delighted to bring you the premiere of their music video, directed by Maya Ritchey. The video is a mastery of color and pattern laying. Each cut is simple in execution yet precise in delivery which adds to the impact and catchiness of the piece. Check it out above!

The concept was born out of Giorgi’s insatiable desire to balance all types of objects on her head, many of which end up on the floor in pieces. When asked about the message behind the good vibe single, Giorgi says it's "about getting over your initial morning drag-out-of-bed ritual and embracing your extra." I tried listening to 1time with my morning and there was a definite uptick in mood.*

Try it out for yourselves and let us know what you think!

Stay clued up with everything Giorgi Holiday through IG/FB/SC

*That could also be the new coffee grounds I've been put on to*

Words by Darc Jacobs

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