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Watch Getter Destroy Pagoda Stage: Shambhala Live Series

Shambhala has been in everyone's mind since it ended, then tickets went on sale and, now it's a topic again - bottom line: Shambhala will always be a relevant topic wether its Christmas, Halloween, or 364 days away.

This year, Shambhala Films is pleased to announce the highly anticipated second installation of the Shambhala Live series. Episode Two features California’s bass music prodigy, Getter, one of The Pagoda Stage’s top headliners of 2016. Take a journey with us back to Shambhala’s temple of bass and dance among the Shambhalovelies in the cool night air. Captured with eight different camera angles, drone, cable cam and cinematographers among the revelers, Shambhala Live: Getter will transport you to The Pagoda Stage’s world of epic lasers and insane video mapping. Gather your friends, push it to the big screen, play it loud and you immerse yourself in an hour and a half of Shambhala bliss as you relive Getter at The Pagoda Stage on Shambhala Live.

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