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2017 Fenntessa Swimwear Show Celebrates the Party Animal Within

Photography by Tage Stenner

Video below directed by Mariusz Brozek

Last weekend, Cami and Robyn Rush transformed the Waldorf hotel into something we’ve never seen before for their 2017 Fenntessa Swimwear Show. On top of converting the entire basement of the hotel into a runway, they managed to gather Vancouver’s sexiest people for a one-night-beach-booty getaway. Diverse casting and exceptional styling made for an insanely captivating show.

Being sisters and best friends means they quickly mastered complimentary skill sets that takes their business to the next level. Cami, being the big thinker, holds the role of creating a vision and making a plan, while Robyn, the executer, connects people and seals the deal.

They pull inspiration from their exotic getaways, time in the tropics, and the simple fact that Canadian swimwear should expand its horizons into something a little sexier. They want to make bikinis that are wearable and practical, while still looking stylish. The sisters design their brand around feeling confident and powerful, which is clearly seen in this season’s line.

This year's collection draws inspiration from parties and party animals. No wonder it's their wildest collection yet! Cami says: “The colours are bold and radiant and will surely draw a crowd. The print is an imaginative composition of animals playing sports. There is something psychedelic about the imagery, which references the groovy times of the 60's and 70s. Combinations of cutout details, mesh fabric and minimalist design, the 2017 collection is our best yet! We want you to have as much fun wearing the collection as we did creating it.”

Thanks to Vancouver’s exceptional scenery and healthy lifestyle, we’re lucky to keep this sexy duo here in this beautiful city.

Check out the video by Mariusz Brozek below to get a feel for the collection and shop the collection here.

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