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Flume's 'Wall Fuck' gets the Gramatik and Ramzoid Treatment

Ramzoid and Gramatik teamed up to put a flip on one of Flume's darker tracks from his recent album Skin. This edit dissects the original and adds some fresh layers of spritely synths and a snappy snare that elevates the energy of the track. Having cemented himself as an iconic hip-hop producer, Gramatik's fingerprints can be picked up in the percussion. Prince George native and homie of ours, Ramzoid, has been gaining momentum fast and continues to peak so it's no wonder this collaboration came about.

This remix is a bit of a departure from Gramatik's laid back signature style, perhaps that's the Ramzoid influence we're hearing. Either way, this track bangs hard and we can practically guarantee that this remix will be getting a tonne of airtime this summer.

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