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RENDRD Radar: Exploring the Wavy World of Vancouver Producer Jade Statues

Executive Towers is the debut record of Vancouver-based producer Jade Statues. Although it was released in 2015, this album is still one the most forward-thinking vaporwave projects we’ve heard. It distills vaporwave to a hushed moodiness, pulling more from DJ Screw than Macintosh Plus.

Tracks ‘Phthalo Green’ and ‘Rapid Cyclical Weather Change Sequence’ encapsulate the airy feel well. Wind chime samples, jungle noises, distant synths, and Windows sound bites. Trap-inspired drum patterns give voice to incredibly textured beat samples – exactly what gives this album its bite.

It sometimes sounds like the drums aren’t even programmed, just played in real time at the whim of the producer. A punchy 808 clap will be surrounded by primal knocks, then glitchy industrial clips come out of nowhere to flesh it out.

Perfectly subtle, the atmosphere of Executive Towers is what will draw you in, but you stay for the cleverness of it all. Upon repeated listens you start to pick out the individual pieces of the jigsaw puzzle; you hear the layers upon layers of music chosen to complete each track.

Favs: Executive Suite, Jade Ascension, Phthalo Green

Least Fav: None

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